President, Chief Executive Officer

Jacob is the CEO of EcoSuper X with almost 45 years experience in the commercial, construction and environmental industry in Australia. At his core, Jacob’s greatest passion has always been in living shared values, dialogue, diversity, synergy and cooperation, with his unwavering commitment to win/win/win outcomes. A native Dutchman with a passion for problem solving, Jacob lives, breathes, and dreams about solutions to complex global and local problems. A great day at the office for Jacob is working with his daughters, who also run the business along side him to solve challenging and complex issues.


Vice President,  Head of Admin & Operations

Giselle is the Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Head of the Admin & Operations for EcoSuper X. Giselle, has been with the company for over a decade and is fully responsible for my department, having started working in the business from such a young age. Giselle has a strong passion for building a strong foundation for the company, and deeply believes in sharing this passion with our employees to carry on that ethos, to contribute to the world and humanity and that is the one main key foundation on what makes our company stronger and keep growing, generation after generation.


Director, International Sales & Marketing

Grace’s professional background is varied both in terms of industries and nature of the job. Having entered the workforce from a young age, Grace very quickly learnt how to work hard and have fun. Grace’s strongest skill set she developed from moving throughout Southeast Asia, learning various languages through meeting lots of different and interesting people across all manner of industries from all parts of the globe. What Grace loves most about working at EcoSuper X is the culture, the opportunity to work alongside her family.

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