EcoSuperX has been in the market for over 45 years now, the product has been distributed worldwide, under our own brand name and under OEM private label brands. It has been a privilege to be able to serve so many countries across various regions and continents.

As of 2019 we officially opened a manufacturing headquarters in Clark Freeport Zone, in the Philippines. This has facilitated us to be extremely advantageous in being situated in the heart of Asia Pacific, to be able to cater and service our global markets competitively.

We setup our operations in a 900m2 building, that will be able to manage the import and export of our EcoSuperX product range, and we have the capacity to serve our international distributors efficiently and effectively.

EcoSuperX is constantly searching for ways to innovate sustainable products, without compromising service delivery. Our Environmental Policy provides a systematic style for environmental management across the business, having regard to sustainability, preventing pollution and repeated improvement in environmental performance. We aim to reduce any impact on the environment by:

  • ✓ Promoting environmental awareness and providing the resources and information amongst suppliers, contractors and partners to improve environmental management resources.
  • ✓ Using our natural resources efficiently including minimizing, reprocessing and recycling waste to the extent achievable.

In addition, we are constantly determined to research and work with renewable and biodegradable products. EcoSuperX works with employees, suppliers and customers to protect and enhance the environment. We pride ourselves with being environmentally friendly with an assortment of products which are biodegradable. We uphold the principles and fully recycle all our packing materials and we also use marginal packaging when shipping our products.